Letter from the Editor

When you’re an artist, you want to create. You don’t want to do anything else. You don’t want to listen to your boss. You don’t want to work where you don’t access your creativity, and unfortunately, most of the time you don’t choose to find the beauty in delivering pizza, serving food or working d*mn near anywhere that’s not artistic.

A problem arises in this scenario. How do you make money and do what you love? How do you build a financial foundation for your future and your family by being “artistic”. There’s a way. And we want to show you.

See, art is cool. Everybody loves art. Not the same kind of art, but art nonetheless. People pay millions for art. Paintings. Hip-Hop Superstars. Movies. Popstars. Athletes too. That’s art in it’s own way. You name it. Artists, athletes and entrepreneurs set the standard. Even down to your local community.

I’m beyond tired of seeing talented artists working at coffee shops (unless they want to.) I’m saddened by the ones who lost hope in their passion because they don’t know what to do. No one shows them. No one takes the time to help them reach their potential. If you find someone who does, forever thank that person because they are so very rare and special.

It’s all about mixing your art with some business sense and some creativity. Whether you have a team or it’s just you, we are starting a journey to teaching and inspiring all to own their dream with Apollo’s Bow. We’ve got one life. Well, even if you believe in reincarnation. We should make the best of this one, right?

-Cole (@coleconnor803)

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