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2 star motel.

Well we broke down on the side of the road again
And the lights came on
And that’s three times now in just this month

And I’m so glad that that old man
He stopped to help us out as we waved him down
He towed us up the road to some town we didn’t know
Until we saw that vacancy sign
Well it could be the Ritz
Or Beverly Hills but I don’t care
Yeah we could be in Paris, Frances or even in
The middle of nowhere
No matter where we go I hope you’ll alway know
That anyplace is just as well
As long as I’m with you, I don’t care
In this two-star motel

This always seems to happen,
Don’t you know it?
When we try to get on to where we’re goin
The breaks are shot, the money’s gone
We just keep driving on
Until we see that vacancy sign

its all fun and games…

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