Introducing “New Spot” featuring Matt Crawford – Rap Yo Biz – Episode 01

Real estate agent, Matt Crawford, based out of Columbia, SC collaborates with Cole Connor of Apollo’s Bow and producer Airborne Audio for the first ever Rap Yo Biz. 

Sometimes you have an idea. An idea that can change the game, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. Most the time when we have these sparks, we take note and add it to the list of millions of ideas we think of but never execute. For a moment, Rap Yo Biz was one of these. A fleeting thought.

But this particular thought was very important. Back in May, I had just begun putting the finishing touches on what would now be Apollo’s Bow. Jacqueline (@goddess_j) and I spent days and days talking out how we could define Apollo’s Bow and every other idea we’ve been pulling together.

It took some time, but we figured it out. Apollo’s Bow could be a place to merge the arts and business. Rap Yo Biz is a key piece to that. One of the major problems I see when it comes to monetizing our artistry is lack of relationships. To me, this is what severely slows artists down. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to practically be the middle man.

Marketing doesn’t have to be what we’ve always seen. We can utilize the talent we have right here in Columbia to grow brands and have major companies start to look to us. I’m pushing for an environment where our influencers work with businesses to form relationships, develop awareness and ultimately generate income. If I have to be the one to get the ball rolling and take the risk, then I’ll be that guy. The risk has to be taken.

People will question my artistry. They will diss it. They will call it selling out. But the bottom line is I’m taking a step towards a more sustainable future for artists. I’m opening up a door that most artists never get to step through. We are going to step in and change the game. Every one will be different. Every episode will get better and better in telling brands’ stories. In that, we will grow as artists and people will begin to see our worth.

We are investing in our local influencers and businesses therefore building a stronger, more cohesive community. No longer does the term “starving” artist need to exist. I’ve taken control and will continue to take control of my fate. I earn my money. I earn my worth. I will disrupt the market. Because I won’t give up. One step at a time challenging the norm.

Let us know what you think. Much more to come.

– Cole



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